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Tiffany Trump: You Will Love My Dad Once You Know Him Like I Do


Tiffany Trump

The young adult daughter of Donald J. Trump, who just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, told delegates at the Republican National Committee in Cleveland that Americans will love her father as she does.

“To me the measure of a parent is based on how they support and bolster you when you are down,” said Tiffany Trump, who grew up in Georgia with her mother Marla Maples, her father’s second wife. “A few years ago, someone very dear to me passed away and the first call I got, as I knew I would, came from my father.”

The recent college graduate, who wore a blue sleeveless dress — with her shoulders and arms draped with her blonde tresses — said she has no idea how she would have gotten through that time without the unwavering support of her father. “It is the small, loving acts that help an enormous amount in times of grief.”

Trump said her father instilled in her and all of his five children that he would support them in whatever path they choose.

“My dad is a natural-born encourager,” she said. “The last person to ever tell you to lower your sights or give up your dreams.”

If you do what you love, hold nothing back, and never let fear of failure get in your way, then you have pretty much figured out the Trump formula,” she said.

Tiffany Trump, who shares a name with the iconic jewelry store, the Fifth Avenue location of which sits at the base of Trump Tower, had quite a lift in front of her when she took to the stage.

The previous night, her stepmother’s very well-received speech became the unlikely sole subject of the news cycle, when the similarities between her speech and Michelle Obama’s address to the 2008 Democratic National Convention were too obvious to ignore.

Melania Trump did a masterful job talking about her husband, and when the two appeared on stage together, his courtly manner and natural deference to her showed Americans another side of the man.

Twenty-four hours later, Tiffany Trump was the next family member to take the stage and as a young woman, she needed to make her own case and reclaim Melania’s victory from the night before.

Trump’s southern daughter was confident and sincere as she took the delegates and the national audience behind the scenes to meet the man running for national father-figure.

“I always look forward to introducing him to my friends. Especially, the ones with preconceived notions,” she said in one of the more clever rhetorical devices.

“They meet a man with natural charm and no facade,” she said. “In person, my father is so friendly, so considerate, so funny, and so real. My friends walk away with a glimpse of all that he is and all that he means to me—of the strong, protective, kind endearing man I am so proud to call my father.”