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School coach claims she doesn’t remember sex with 13-year-old


School Coach Having Sex with Student

A Minneapolis high school soccer coach has pleaded guilty to sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old boy, but said she doesn’t recall having sex in his bedroom.

Rebecca Noonan, 33, pleaded guilty on Monday to fourth-degree criminal conduct for having sex at the victim’s home while his mom was gone, according to the Star Tribune.

At the time of the 2014 incident, Noonan was the girls soccer team’s head coach at Champlin Park High School in Champlin, Minnesota.

“I was so drunk or so under the influence of drugs or medicine that I did not know what I was doing at the time of the crime,” Noonan said in court documents.

Since she claimed to not recall the sex act, Noonan could dodge sentencing and the case will be dropped.

The court will now determine whether she meets the conditions of a Norgaad plea, which is for defendants who do not remember a crime due to amnesia or intoxication. The plea deal requires that she undergo a psychological evaluation.

“There wasn’t a lot of proof,” defense attorney Scott Lewis said of the allegations.

Noonan reportedly went with the 13-year-old into his bedroom, where she got undressed and climbed into bed. Her attorney, Kirk Anderson, said that she knew the boy through his mother.

She told the boy to keep their sexual relations a secret, but he told his siblings they had intercourse. The soccer coach was charged in July 2015 after the boy’s siblings told police about their tryst, according to CBS.

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