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Man Finds Worst Possible Way to Propose to Girlfriend


There are so many romantic and beautiful ways to propose to someone, but a guy in Romania decided against any of those and instead chose a horrible one.

Vlad Lungu got his friends to wear masks and all black. While standing next to what looks like a police van, they flagged down the car Vlad was driving in with his girlfriend Alexandra, then, while yelling at her, pulled her out of the vehicle and pushed her to the ground.


The men shout at a terrified Alexandra in Romanian, asking if she knows the man she’s with and if she’s aware of what he has in the trunk. They grab her by the neck and take her to the back of the car so she can see what’s in the trunk, but instead she sees Vlad on one knee with a ring in his hand.


Vlad asks her to marry him and for some reason she says yes.

Even more incredible is that the whole thing was legal because Vlad spelled “Politia,” the Romanian word for police as “Polita” on the van, and because of that loophole they weren’t impersonating officers.

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