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Man dragged by speeding car while trying to save his puppy


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A California man trying to take back his stolen puppy got snagged in the alleged thief’s getaway car — which dragged the man for several miles until he was dumped in the middle of the street, cops and relatives said.

The wild ordeal unfolded after the victim’s puppy was taken at the Rancho Seneca Apartments in Victorville last week, the Victor Valley News reports. While the man tried to reach into the car to grab the puppy, the driver raised the window, causing the man to get stuck in the door as the car sped away, a relative told the paper.

Another driver, Mawusi Fiagbenu, soon spotted the man hanging from the car and recorded a 90-second clip of the bizarre confrontation — which was posted to Facebook and had been viewed more than 10,000 times as of Wednesday.

“Both of his arms were in the window and the windows were rolled up and he was hanging out the car,” Fiagbenu said. “The car drove out of the Rancho Senecas and drug him all the way down to Mojave, made a right on Mojave and then dropped him off right here on Ashley Glen when the man finally opened the window and let him out.”

The suspect eventually stopped near Village Elementary School and opened the window, allowing the victim to drop to the ground. He was taken to a hospital, where he was treated for cuts and scrapes to his knees, the Victor Valley News reports. The victim’s mother, Charlotte Sanders, said her son reached into the car to grab his puppy back, but the driver just took off as he held onto the vehicle.

The suspect was still at large Wednesday, police said.

“The only description was a dark color Honda, driven by a black adult male with a ponytail,” Mara Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for the Victorville Sheriff’s Department, told the Victor Valley News.

Calls seeking additional comment Wednesday were not immediately returned.

The animal that started the shocking incident — a 2-month-old pit bull — is still missing.