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The Internet Has No Clue How To Feel About This Woman Twerking On A Child


A video of a woman twerking in front of a toddler has the internet divided.

The footage, which emerged from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shows a young child hugging a woman’s bum as she squats down and dances.

It was posted on Facebook where many viewed it as inappropriate. Some went as far as to brand it “sick.”

But others say the twerking is harmless and don’t have an issue with the woman’s actions.

The video was shared on Facebook by Daniel Canício, who wrote what roughly translates as,

What’s happening to this planet?

How do we return everything and start from scratch? I’m not a moralist, but when you realize that there are people who find this funny and cool , you realize that the planet is really sick.

But in the twerking woman’s defense, one person wrote,

Many comments nothing to see. Each and every one knows how to raise their son. Just a joke.

That child has no concept, must be about 3 years old.