Home News Half-naked Florida mom in bikini launches obscene racist rant

Half-naked Florida mom in bikini launches obscene racist rant


Half-naked Florida mom in bikini launches obscene racist rant — ‘Martin Luther King was a slut’ (WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

It was an itsy bitsy bikini and hugely racist rant.

A half-naked Florida mom was caught on camera hurling racial slurs and screaming obscenities at off-screen bystanders, telling them they “should have stayed in Africa.”

The quick vid kicks off mid-argument with black bystanders insulting a seemingly drunk woman’s appearance. The unidentified white woman wearing a pink polka dot bikini initially responds with vague taunts of her own.

“Look at her! Look at your body,” the swimsuit mom angrily yells at the person recording the encounter.

“Black don’t crack,” a man screams from off-camera.

“Black don’t crack? Crack is black,” she shouts back, waving a cigarette and stumbling while a dog yips angrily in the background.

bikini-racist“Don’t say nothing else,” says a woman behind the camera.

“You all should have stayed in Africa. And you can go back there, it’s free,” the half-naked hater yells. “You know you can go back to Africa, if you want to. And you can take your Washington and Jefferson last names.”

She continues, calling the onlookers “black b—-es” and announcing, “We’re going to take over these neighborhoods,” before moving on to insult civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Martin Luther King was a slut who f—ed up white people. Martin Luther was f—ing white people the day he died!”

The angry ranter’s distraught daughter begs her to stop and pulls her away from the target of her mom’s invective.

Even as she’s led away, the bikini-wearing bigot continues her tirade, insulting the bystanders’ hair and telling them they just wish they were white.

“That’s ridiculous that your child has to tell you to stop,” says the woman recording the chaos.

“That’s ridiculous that you’re speaking my language,” she retorts before making incomprehensible noises. The chaos continues for a few more seconds before the recording cuts out.

The video was posted to YouTube in March, and the description notes that it was taken in Tallahassee in 2016. In the months since its posting, the footage has been viewed nearly 50,000 times.